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Palace of Versailles Overview

Once thriving as the epicenter of political power in France, today tourists visit Versailles for its rich history, cultural heritage and amazing architecture among many other reasons. The palace was initially built as a hunting lodge by King Louis XIII and then became the royal court during the reign of his son Louis XIV. During the French Revolution the royal court was forced to move back to the capital city Paris, and the palace of Versailles suffered at the hands of the revolutionaries. Housing more than 5 centuries of French Royal history, the Palace of Versailles is an artwork in itself and represents a significant part of French culture.

Nestled far away from the capital city, in the calming and lush landscapes of Versailles - the Palace gives visitors a unique opportunity of exploring 17th century European architecture at its best. The glorious and exquisite palace houses around 2300 rooms in its entire structure, including the magnificent and famous Hall of Mirrors. The glamorous Kings Apartment and the Queens apartments are fine examples of intrinsic detailing and luxurious architecture to explore with the Versailles tickets. The estate's stunning gardens are a major attraction for tourists coming from around the globe. The sprawling gardens cover 230 acres of lush greenery, aromatic flowers and well kept landscapes. The garden of Versailles also features 50 artistic fountains, 620 water jets, hundreds of sculptures, around 200,000 trees and 210,000 flowers.

Explore Palace of Versailles

The Versailles tickets offer visitors a chance to visit some of the most stunning and wonderful destinations in Paris. These popular tourist attractions include The Dazzling Hall of Mirrors, The King’s state apartments, Art at Versailles Palace and the estate of Trianon. Guests get access to the ornate architecture, amazing structures, and are captivated by the Hall of Mirrors.

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The Dazzling Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles is perhaps the most well-known top sight there. It is absolutely incredible, brilliant, and extravagantly magnificent and a highlight in the list of attractions to visit with the palace of Versailles tickets. Images of it fall short in comparison. Standing in the Hall's spacious room and seeing light reflections, enormous amounts of gold and crystal, and continuously replicating illusions in the silvery mirrors everywhere they look is a completely unique experience. If visitors look up, they’ll notice that the room's arched ceilings are covered in 30 colorful paintings all over. Courtiers and tourists passed through it on a daily basis. It was also useful for the elaborate balls that were hosted following royal weddings.

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The King's State Apartments

The tour of King's State Apartment will probably be included in the Versailles tickets. Walking in the footsteps of innumerable dignitaries and rulers from all over Europe during the era when Louis XIV had guests here, visitors discover the collection of seven opulent rooms. Each lavish room virtually overflows with crimson and gold Italianate furniture, valuable artwork, and crystal chandeliers, all of which are meant to dazzle. The royal residence wasn't actually used by King Louis. It was mostly used for formal entertainment and ceremonial purposes.

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The Queen's State Apartments

The Queen's Apartment used to have a floorplan that was identical to the King's State Apartment, but it currently only has four magnificent rooms. The Queen's Bedchamber has a remarkably different aesthetic from the rest of the house. The King's rooms included intricate paneling and rich, dark colors that were popular in the 17th century. When Queen Marie-Antoinette renovated the apartment over 100 years later, she preferred delicate floral designs and soft colors, which make this space practically sparkle. Authentic replicas of the original fabrics were rewoven in Lyon during the renovation process and utilized for walls and bed coverings. Visitors can explore these details during their tour with the palace of Versailles tickets.

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The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel which visitors experience now is the Chateau's fifth chapel to be constructed. Over 110 sculptors as well as various artisans contributed to the intricate carvings, paintings, and embellishments, which took more than 20 years to finish in 1710. The Chapel is the highest structure in the palace, standing 144 feet high. It boasts two storeys, same as Sainte Chapelle and other French palace chapels. Also on the upper level, where the royals chose to attend mass, they would have had a fantastic up-close view of the spectacular decorated ceilings and domes.

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Art at Versailles Palace

Excellent paintings, sculptures, as well as other works of art may be found everywhere visitors turn as they wander the Palace of Versailles. In reality, the Estate houses 3,000 sculptures and 6,000 paintings. However, the figure rises to about 60,000 works of art if they include frescoes, furniture, tapestries, and other decorative things. Four decades following Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI’s escape from a crowd in 1815, Louis-Philippe was crowned the King of France in 1830, and he turned the royal Palace into a museum.

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The Royal Opera House

A significant contribution of King Louis XV, the Royal Opera house is a beautiful gem in the stunning palace of Versailles. As the Opera House completed in 1710, it became the largest concert hall in the entire European continent. In the present times the Royal Opera is still used for various performances, ballet shows and concerts. During their tour visitors should definitely take note of the ornate furnishings, shimmering chandeliers, tier-style seating, and breathtaking Apollo-themed painted ceiling. They will also like the excellent acoustics if they are going to attend a concert or a musical performance.

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The Palace of Versailles Gardens

With magnificent sweeping gardens, singing fountains, and the Palaces of Trianon, the breathtaking Château de Versailles covers an enormous 800 hectares. Gardens of Versailles is created by renowned architect André Le Nôtre, are every bit as amazing and stunning as the Palace. These gardens are a testimony of the elegance and influence of the royal French court. They are highly symmetrical and embellished with numerous sculptures, groves, and fountains. The gardens are at their most breathtaking in the spring, making it a great time to visit Versailles. The place also brightens up on weekends when the lovely musical shows make the majestic fountains that come to life at the sounds of baroque music.

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Grand Trianon Palace

A lengthy column in the Italian style that Louis explicitly requested separates the Grand Trianon's two main portions. The lovely one-story building's many floor-to-almost-ceiling windows, which we now refer to as "French doors," were really sanctioned by Louis. Additionally, he planned the palace so that every room had a view of the aromatic flower-filled grounds. The majority of the First Empire antiques and interiors were established by Napoleon. The interiors attract hundreds of tourists to the palace every year.

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Petit Trianon Palace

Located on the grounds of the palace of Versailles, the Petit Trianon was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel on the command of Louis XV. The chateau is a celebrated example of the Neoclassical style of architecture. The Petit Trianon is notable for its four faces, each of which was carefully planned to face a certain area of the estate. Featuring two independent and two semi-detached columns upon its side of the structured French garden and pillars overlooking both the courtyard and the region that originally housed Louis XV's nurseries, the Corinthian order occurs predominantly. Visitors who purchase the Versailles tickets will be mesmerized by the beauty of the palace.

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Facts about Palace of Versailles

  • The majority of furniture in the palace was made of silver, and this was later on melted down in 1689 to pay for war expenses during the time.

  • The Treaty of Versailles, the most significant peace agreement that ultimately brought an end to World War I, was signed there.

  • To supply the fountains with water, they built a fake pond. Materials needed for building came from far-off locations that the majority of French people were unaware of.

  • Everyone was welcome to visit the Gardens of Versailles, but there was one requirement: everyone had to be properly dressed and groomed.

  • The lovely golden gates that visitors enter the Palace premises from are replicas of the originals, which were demolished amid the French Revolution.

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Know Before You Go To Palace of Versailles

Essential Information
How to Reach

1. Location

Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France

2. Timings

  • Tuesday to Sunday - 9 am - 6:30 pm
  • Closed on Monday

3. Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit the Palace of Versailles is during the months of April to October. The Gardens of Versailles have a variety of musical fountain events every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the spring and summer, from April to October. The Great Musical Waters, Musical Waters, and Great Nocturnal Waters are the three different kinds of performances that visitors can enjoy during their tour of the palace.

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FAQs of Palace of Versailles

Is the Palace of Versailles open every day?

The palace of Versailles opens every day at 9 AM except on Mondays. The palace is closed for visits on Mondays.

Where is the Palace of Versailles located?

The magnificent palace of Versailles is nestled in the city of Versailles, Yvelines département, Île-de-France région, northern France, 16 km west-southwest of Paris.

When is the best time to visit the Palace of Versailles?

The best time to visit the palace of Versailles is during the spring and summer season from April to October. In a day, it is best to start the tour of the palace early in the morning as soon as the palace opens up. So tourists should book the Paris Versailles tickets accordingly to have the best time at the palace and soak its beauty.

Is the Palace of Versailles worth visiting?

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most stunning and historically significant monuments in France. In addition to the history and political importance, the palace is home to magnificent art and architecture. The beautiful chateaus, lush gardens and stunning interiors are definitely worth visiting. The Versailles tickets also let guests enjoy the Kings and Queens apartments, and the Royal Opera House.

Why is the Palace of Versailles famous?

The palace of Versailles is known for the rich cultural and political history that is attached to the Palace. Once the hunting lodge and then residence of the Royal families of France, today this stunning monument is home to great artwork, stunning interiors, lush gardens and much more. The gorgeous palace has many beautiful attractions on its premises, which attract thousands of tourists from around the globe.

Do you have to print Versailles tickets?

No, the Paris Versailles tickets do not have to be printed for them to be accepted. Guests can show the tickets both in physical and digital format, depending on their convenience.

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