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About Thoiry ZooSafari Tickets

A zoo safari is a unique opportunity for wildlife lovers and tourists to enjoy the scenery and experience both, at the same time, and the Thoiry Zoo safari tickets opens the door to one of the most popular and lush landscapes nestled just 35 minutes away from Paris. The safari park is brimming with amazing wildlife creatures that include but are not limited to giraffes, zebras, elephants, bears, lions and bison. Guests can enjoy the safari experience by driving their own car around the park and watching the animals roam freely in the scenic greenery. In addition to this the Thoiry Zoo Safari tickets also give access to the enclosed zoo on the same grounds. This zoo is home to many vibrant small creatures, like the Mexican red-kneed tarantulas and moon jellyfish. The park also boasts a stunning chateau and botanical gardens with beautiful landscapes that are open to the visitors to explore on their own.

Thoiry ZooSafari Tickets Explained

Thoiry Zoo Safari
  • The Thoiry Zoo Safari tickets provide guests with a beautiful and adventure filled day at one of the most unique parks near Paris.

  • Visitors will arrive at the park before their designated tour time and get ready for a day amidst stunning flora and fauna.

  • The unique park houses around 800+ animals belonging to 100 different species, that roam around in the park or live in the marvellous zoo - both of which will be open to the visitors with their Thoiry Zoo Safari Tickets.

  • Visitors will go on a safari ride around the park, witnessing the animals enjoy their day in the lush landscapes and their natural habitat.

  • Tourists can also get their pictures clicked with the very realistic dinosaur statues in the park or just stroll around the amazing botanical gardens with their Thoiry Zoo Safari Tickets.

  • The Zoo Safari grounds are also home to an age-old chateau, still inhabited, and open to visitors with the permission of its owners.

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Experience a Life-size Safari

Thoiry Zoo Safari

The Thoiry Zoo Safari tickets open the world of vibrant flora and mesmerising fauna for the visitors. Discovering the larger than life sized safari that provides home to many amazing wildlife creatures, this unique place is both a zoo and a safari. The safari experience is especially the highlight, as visitors will be able to mingle with the animals, drive amongst them and maybe even get a close look at some of the rarer species.

The guests have to keep inside their cars the entire time as the place even houses lions and bears, in addition to the hypnotic zebras, soft giraffes and even the prideful ostrich. Visitors will also spot rhinoceros, elephants among the herds of animals enjoying their day around the safari park. While it may seem tempting to roll down the windows and interact with a few of these animals, it is best not to for safety reasons.

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Explore Thoiry ZooSafari

Thoiry ZooSafari

Situated 20 metres above the ground, the zipline at Thoiry Zoo Safari Park lets visitors take a flight above the wild lions of the place. The entire zipline is 500 metre long and visitors will be able to take a break at the intermediate plateau before continuing their flight over the African plain. A thrilling and adventurous activity, the zip line ride gives an adrenaline rush and lets visitors watch the animals from a physically elevated point of view.

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Safari Air Park
Safari Air Park

The most intriguing part of the Thoiry Zoo Safari Tickets, the Safari Air Park is a unique and adventurous experience. The thrill seekers enjoy the bouncy nets that are suspended 9m above the ground across 1500m square. With these nets, not only do visitors get a great view of the African Plain in the Safari but they can also admire the years old oak trees on the grounds from up and close.

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Bush Truck
Bush Truck

With the Bush Truck ride, the visitors can get as close as possible to the territory of the lions, through the African Plain. The driver will also guide the tourists by regular commentary regarding the animals and provide knowledgeable facts. Those who live the thrills of being this close to the king of the jungle should definitely book their seats on the Bush Truck with their Thoiry Zoo Safari Tickets.

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Plan Your Visit to Thoiry ZooSafari

Best Time to Visit
How to Reach
Address & Opening Hours

  • In January In the month of January the doors of the Zoo Safari Park are open to visitors only on the weekends. Due to the same, visitors might have a hard time finding the tickets last minute or sometimes even beforehand. The zoo safari park is open from 11 AM to 5 PM on the weekends for guests to explore its lush flora and fauna. They can also enjoy the Thoiry Wild Lights Festival on the weekends from 5 PM TO 9:30 PM.

  • In February The Zoo Safari Park opens for a little longer than January in the month of February. The place welcomes visitors on Wednesday in addition to weekends and is also open all days from February 25th to March 10th. In the month of February, the Thoiry Wild lights festival is scheduled from 6 PM to 9:30 PM every Wednesday, Friday, on weekends, and from 25th February to 10th March.

  • In March March is the best time to visit Thoiry Zoo Safari , as the place is open every day excluding Monday and Tuesday from 11th March. The Thoiry zoo Safari timings for 11 AM to 4 PM from first of February to 10th of March. From 13th of March 2 31st March the Safari zoo Park is open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day including weekends. Visitors can also enjoy the theory wild lights festival from 6 PM To 9:30 PM every day from 1st March to 10th March.

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Can I book Thoiry ZooSafari tickets online?

Yes, visitors can book their Thoiry Zoo Safari Tickets online. The website now even provides guests with the option of booking their ticket without any fixed date. It is best to opt for booking in advance to confirm their booking beforehand and plan the day accordingly.

What is the best time to visit Thoiry ZooSafari?

The best time to visit Thoiry Zoo Safari is during the early hours after it opens at 10 AM. The morning is less crowded and visitors will see smaller waiting lines in the park as well as the zoo. The weather is also pleasant and therefore visitors will be able to enjoy the lush flora and fauna.

Is Thoiry ZooSafari worth visiting?

Yes, Thoiry Zoo Safari is definitely worth visiting. The amazing park is home to some wonderful flora and fauna. Guests also get to explore the château on the grounds and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

What is there to see inside Thoiry ZooSafari?

This unique destination lets visitors explore a lush safari with some amazing wildlife and the zoo is home to many magnificent small creatures. In addition to the vibrant wildlife, the park grounds are also covered with lush green landscapes and colourful flora for visitors to explore.

What activities are available in Thoiry ZooSafari?

Visitors will have a lot of activities to participate in during their visit to the Zoo Safari park. They will get access to the Safari and the zoo on the grounds. In addition to this the children will get to play at the playground and enjoy Air Park Safari. There is even a 500m of zipline that goes above the lion enclosure. They will also get to stroll around in the botanical gardens that surround the chateau which is also open to the visitors.

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