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Moulin Rouge Paris tickets lets you experience the exquisite motions of the beautiful ladies in the world-famous Moulin Rouge, which is brimming with ecstasy and vibrance, as well as charismatic energy. Allow the feathers and rhinestones to caress your mind and relax you. In the heart of the most romantic city on this celestial rock, drink and get drunk in the beauty of dance and melody.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the exquisite costumes that preserve the heritage of previous generations. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can because it comes along only once in a lifetime. Throughout Paris and the rest of the world, people are familiar with the Moulin Rouge show. In glitzy, glamorous Paris, The Moulin Rouge is the buzz of the town. Some individuals travel long distances just to see this holy event. For your boring life to have a little magic, you need this show. You may expect to enjoy the time of your life if you reserve a seat.

What To Expect While Visiting The Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Paris
The Venue

It is instantly recognisable due to the distinctive windmill that stands tall and broad in front of the venue in the center of Paris. The pomp and display of the 800-seater auditorium dominates the scene, with crimson and gold diffusing with the vibrant energy.

Cabaret Show
The Faerie Show

Visit with Moulin Rouge Paris tickets is the feathers and rhinestones which attracts locals and tourists. The Show is one of the most sought after attractions in The Moulin Rouge with more than 80 artists and over 60 Dorris Girls bringing this spectacle to life, igniting the passions of the audience.

Moulin Rouge Paris
The Acts

The Acts are yet another notable attraction that you can witness in The Moulin Rouge that comprises singing, dancing, and stage performances. The Great 5 Acts that you will come across at The Moulin Rouge are Today and Yesterday, The Pirates, Au Cirque.

Moulin Rouge Paris
The Dorris Girls Dancers

Miss Dorris was the one who choreographed the Moulin Rouge production and brought it up to international standards. The young ladies that were chosen have received extensive French cancan training and are exceptionally attractive and talented.

Select your Moulin Rouge Paris Tickets

Moulin Rouge Paris
Moulin Rouge Show

The Moulin Rouge Paris tickets lets you explore the fascinating world of Moulin Rouge in Paris with comfortable meetup transfers. The ticket lets you watch the Feerie Show which is one of the most sought after performances.

Moulin Rouge Paris
Dinner & Show

The Moulin Rouge Paris tickets with dinner are priced around $205 USD per person. You will get a chance to listen to the godly music composition by Pierre Porte with champagne and soft drinks as you watch the performance. You can dive and meet your tongue roll in the vast menu of vegan and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Plan your visit to Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Paris
  • The show runs during the crystal nights throughout the years. The usual Moulin Rouge Paris Timings starts from 9 pm to 11 pm and the dinner starts at 7 pm.

  • There is also a lunch hour starting at 1pm followed by a program at 2:45 pm.

  • You may get to the Moulin Rouge in Paris in a variety of ways, you can take the nearest metro i.e. Blanche. It is only around five minutes away taking the 2, 3, and 13 lines.

  • The seats are already alloted but nothing to worry as the infrastructure is so built to provide the best experience.

  • It is expected to be smartly dressed as casual dressing will not be permitted into the show.

  • Taking pictures is prohibited but you can take some souvenirs at the end of the show. There is no age barrier but some elderly must accompany children above 6.

  • You will be provided with hearing aid via wifi with your Moulin Rouge Paris tickets.

  • Souvenir and online shops are available.

  • Recording of the show will also be available in CD/DVD format.

Visitor Tips

  • As per the Moulin Rouge Paris Timings, gates close at that time and open 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start of the programme, thus fans are recommended to arrive 10 minutes before the planned time.

  • As per the Moulin Rouge Paris Tips, it is advised to reach half an hour before as the seats will alloted on the same day. Nevertheless, all the seats are designed to give you the best experience.

Moulin Rouge Paris Tickets FAQs

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