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Crazy Horse Show Tickets Overview

Get ready for an evening full of extravaganza, magic, and endless entertainment by booking Crazy Horse show Tickets. By booking the tickets, you will get a chance to witness one of a kind show full of legendary dancers, heart-wrenching acts, and colorful costumes. For ninety minutes, the legendary Crazy Girls will enchant you with their joyous and colorful performance. The spectacular lighting effects that drape the dancers' bodies will keep you hooked throughout the show. You'll marvel at the precision of the performance choreographed by Philippe Decouflé.

Enjoy a glass of champagne amidst the sounds, sights, and highs of the cabaret show. You can book the Crazy Horse show with dinner to enjoy the delicious cuisines prepared by master chefs before the show starts. So what are you waiting for? Book the Crazy Horse show tickets to witness one of the most legendary cabaret shows that has entertained audiences for seventy years.

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Crazy Horse Show
Crazy Horse, the venue

Crazy Horse is a performance venue in Paris that holds nightly staged shows featuring the most talented dancers in France. It was founded by Alain Bernardin in 1951 and was refurbished in 2007. The seating is intimate, and the interiors are seductive with velvet, mirrors, and lacquered wood decoration.

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Totally Crazy, the show
Totally Crazy, the show

Crazy Horse Show Paris comprises two parts, the pre-show, including a Belgian Burlesque duo –Lolly Wish and George Bangable, and the main show involving twelve talented dancers and excellent use of lights, technology, and choreography. Colorful costumes, scintillating music, and special effects will plunge you into a magical world as soon as the curtain is raised.

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The Acts
The Acts

During The Crazy Horse show, you can witness traditional cabaret acts with unique lighting and special effects. As soon as the curtain opens, you can see the Crazy Horse dancers performing the British Royal Guard march. Some legendary acts you'll witness during the show include Upside Down by Decoufle, Undress to Kill by Dita Von Tee, and Voodoo by Christian Louboutin.

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The Dancers
The Dancers

The Crazy Horse dancers are known for their sensuality and elegance and have helped shape the soul and heart of Crazy Horse Paris. The dancers have sexy names like Trauma Tease, Lila Magnetic, Tasty Wizz, and Ero Tikka.

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The Choreography
The Choreography

Crazy Horse Show Paris is choreographed by famous theatre director and choreographer Philippe Decouflé, and the shimmering artistic visuals are directed by Ali Madhavi. The costumes crapped with colorful lights enhance the allure of the show and choreography, and the lights make it a seductive affair.

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Plan Your Visit to Crazy Horse Show

Location & Timings
How to Reach

  • Address:

Crazy Horse is situated at 12 Avenue George V, Paris, 75008.

  • Opening Hours:

Two shows are held at Crazy Horse every night at 8:30 PM and 11:00 PM.

  • Dress Code:
  1. Wear smart and elegant clothes that match up to the theme of the event.
  2. Avoid wearing beachwear, tank tops, casualwear, and sportswear.
  3. Women can wear dresses and evening gowns, and men can wear suits, ties, and pants.
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FAQs of Crazy Horse Show

How long is the Crazy Horse show?

The Crazy Horse Show lasts ninety minutes or an hour and a half.

Can you take photos in Crazy Horse?

No, you're not allowed to take photos in Crazy Horse, but a professional photographer will be available to click your stunning pictures.

Are Crazy horse show tickets available online?

Yes, you can book Crazy horse show tickets online on our website.

What is better, Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse?

Both Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse are legendary cabaret shows with their own unique elements. In the Crazy Horse show, the dancers are draped in lights, and the special effects and larger-than-life sets will transport you into a different world. Moulin Rouge, on the other hand, offers the best of the Parisian nightlife with its acrobats, choreography, famous Can-can dance, and feathers and sequins.

Why is the Crazy horse show popular?

Crazy horse shows are popular because it guarantees a crazy night full of drama, endless entertainment, and sensual performances. It has become a staple of Parisian nightlife and features sensual dancers with subtle clothing and accessories that enhance their bodies in the aesthetic sense.

Do I need to book crazy horse show tickets in advance?

Yes, you need to book Crazy horse show tickets in advance to secure your spot on your desired date and time. Since this is an extremely popular show, the spots are often full, and you might not get the tickets on the same day.

Where can I book Crazy horse show tickets?

You can book Crazy horse show tickets online on our website.

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