Bike Rental in Paris

Bike Rental in Paris

Rent a Bike in Paris to Freely Explore the Famous Parisian Landmarks of City
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Bike Rental in Paris Overview

One of Europe's most breathtaking cities, Paris offers a wealth of sightseeing opportunities. You may get to know the City of Lights and all its sights and sounds using a bike rental in Paris and pedalling from one famous landmark to the next, stopping at quiet cafes along the way. If you enjoy riding a bicycle, you'll be happy to know that Paris has nearly 600 kilometres of dedicated bike lanes. The first step in this exciting adventure is to show up at the designated meeting place and gear up for the tour.

Choose between traditional bicycles, electric bicycles, or both, and pedal your way through the trip. Afterward, you hop on your rented bike and cycle through Paris's most famous neighbourhoods and past landmarks like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Les Invalides to name a few. Cruise the scenic Seine River and take in the sights of some of Paris's many World Heritage monuments. Moreover, the charming Tuileries Gardens are a great place to take a rest amid the trees and have a good time with friends and family.

Highlights of Bike Rental in Paris

Bike Rental in Paris
  • Choose between a standard bicycle and an electric bicycle for the thrilling tour.

  • With a bike rental in Paris, visit the Eiffel Tower, the tomb of Napoleon, and Les Invalides all while on two wheels.

  • Get through the "City of Lights" at your own leisure by riding a bike that's been well-maintained.

  • Take a break and get to know the locals as you wander the many cafés Paris has to offer.

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Bike Options Available for Renting in Paris

Regular Bike
Regular Bike

Get a daylong bike rental in Paris to ride around and see the major sights. There is a mandatory security deposit for all bike rentals and a minimum age of 13 to rent a bicycle. Rental of a helmet and basket for your bike will cost you an additional 1 EUR per day/unit. You can rent a baby seat, umbrella, baskets, and a safety vest, but these items will cost you extra.

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The city of Paris is best experienced on an electric bike, which can be rented for the day. You can see all the famous sites and enjoy a leisurely ride through the neighbourhoods on this bike. But you have to be at least 13 years old to rent a bike, and you can only go as far as 60 kilometres on an e-bike. Every bike rental in Paris is obliged to have a security deposit. E-bikes come with accessories like a basket and a protective headgear as standard equipment. The infant car seat, rain gear, and safety vest are all available for an additional charge. However, there will be an extra price of 30 euros if you plan to rent it for more than one day.

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FAQs About Renting Bike in Paris

Which are the best places to explore by renting a bike in Paris?

  • Napoleon’s Tomb:

Les Invalides is the building that houses Napoleon Bonaparte's remains, and it is located on the museum grounds's southernmost edge. Using a Paris bike rental service visitors can schedule a guided tour of the museum and an in-depth discussion on Napoleon's tomb.

  • Les Invalides:

The Hotel Les Invalides, a landmark in the Parisian skyline thanks to its gilded dome, is a great place to learn about France's rich past. In 1670, Louis XIV ordered the construction of this hotel so that ill and injured soldiers may get proper care, and today with a Paris bike rental you can tour the site making the most of your time.

  • Louvre Museum:

The Louvre, situated on the left bank of the Seine, is the largest museum in the world and is home to some of the world's most priceless works of art. The world-famous Mona Lisa is on display in the Louvre as well.

  • Eiffel Tower:

The Eiffel Tower has stood proudly for over 130 years as both a symbol of Paris and a feat of engineering. Thus, do not miss out on exploring this architectural marvel that represents romantic love like no other.

What documents do bike rental services in Paris require for international citizens?

A bike rental Paris requires documents such as a valid identification card, passport, and visa for the international citizens.

What is the best time to visit Paris?

The best time to visit is between March and May, when the city awakens after a long winter. While the days may be shorter in the fall, Paris is still a sight to behold with its vibrant foliage and hotel rates at historic lows.

Is there any age limit for renting a bike in Paris?

Yes, bike rental Paris calls for a minimum age limit and that is 13 years.

Is it easy to rent bikes in Paris?

Yes, it is quite easy to rent bikes in Paris provided you have the required documents and follow the general terms and conditions.

How do I rent a bike in Paris?

There are four different passes available: a single-use TicketV, a 24-hour Pass in either traditional or electronic form, or a 3-day Pass. With a one-way ticket called TicketV you can rent a Vélib, and it will be just for that one trip. All you have to do is pick it up, ride around with it for a bit, and then set it down. Your rental is complete once you've entered your ID number and PIN into the V-box (the display on the handlebar of each bike) and pressed the green check button. Wait for the screen to flash "Go!" before you may unlock the bike. After that, you may easily launch your trip by dragging it away from the dock. When you're done riding, return your Vélib to any of the stations in town. In order to stop it, you just only pull it back and watch for the "Stop" symbol to show. The show will switch off shortly thereafter, and you are free to depart.

Can a tourist rent a car in Paris?

Tourists can easily book cheap car rental in Paris airport itself.

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