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Aquarium De Paris Tickets Overview

With the Paris Aquarium tickets find out more about the marine life in the center of Paris! You'll be given a window of time in which to visit but you must get there at least 10–15 minutes before the scheduled start time. At the aquarium's front desk, present a valid photo ID in addition to your mobile ticket, and once inside, have access to a wide range of areas and features. A regular admission ticket to the Paris Aquarium will grant you access to the full facility. There are more than 13,000 fish in 60 pools to see, along with 38 huge sharks and Europe's largest jellyfish tank. You may also enjoy the program's other programming and entertainment alternatives. Fish feeding, informative talks, and other hands-on activities are also available. The Claire la Sirene concert, which features singing and dancing mermaids, is just one of several entertaining performances available.

Why Visit Paris Aquarium?

Aquarium De Paris

An extraordinary French attraction, the Aquarium of Paris (also known as Cinéaqua) is situated in the center of Paris in the gardens of the Trocadero. You must visit it because it takes you on a spectacular adventure through the world's rivers, seas, and oceans awaits you at the Aquarium of Paris, conveniently positioned in front of the Eiffel Tower. The Aquarium is home to over 500 species, over 10,000 fish and invertebrate specimens, and over 500 corals, allowing you to explore an exceptionally rich aquatic collection.

It is also home to the greatest collection of jellyfish in Europe, among many other aquatic organisms. With the Paris Aquarium tickets you can plunge into an uncharted oceanic realm and spend the day enjoying exciting entertainment and engaging activities. The Seine, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and Atlantic are each represented by one of 43 tanks and enormous aquariums holding over 4,000,000 liters of water each. Also, don't miss out on the shark tank as you get to come up close and personal with zebra, nurse, gray, and blacktip sharks!

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Things to See Inside Aquarium De Paris

Aquarium De Paris
  • Shark Basin: At particular, the sharks in the aquarium's shark basin are a sight to behold. It holds about 3 million liters of water and is home to fifty sharks from French waters.

  • Aquatic Cinema: At the aquarium's Aquatic theater, where you can view short movies and documentaries on the aquarium's fascinating marine life, there is a fun game.

  • Tropical Aquarium: This area, which features instructional panels, is home to a variety of tropical marine life, including brightly coloured fish, coral reefs, tortoises, and green foliage, among other things.

  • Seine River Aquarium: Aquatic creatures, such as crabs, fish, and more, that may be found in the Seine River are on display and reside in a massive tank that depicts the real river.

  • Medusarium: There are more than fifty different species of jellyfish on display in the aquarium's twenty-four tanks, making it the largest of its kind in Europe.

  • Mermaid Show: Visit one of the many Claire the Mermaid concerts, where she performs to enthusiastic audiences! It is an entertaining programme that will bring out the child in you.

  • Live Feeding Demos: When you visit the PAquarium, with your Paris Aquarium tickets you will be able to participate in a variety of hands-on activities, including learning how to properly care for and feed goldfish, carp, and other small fish.

  • Koi Fish Touch Tank: Experience the koi fish in all their glory by getting up close and personal with them, learning all about them, and even getting to feed them and some other goldfish.

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Plan Your Visit to Aquarium De Paris

Opening Hours
Rules & Tips
How To Reach
Best Time To Visit

  • Opening time weekdays: Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last entry at 6pm).

  • Late Opening (weekend): Every Saturday till 10 p.m. (last admission at 9 p.m.), after doors open at 7 p.m.

  • Exceptional Opening

The Aquarium de Paris is exceptionally open on 1 January Easter Easter Monday Ascension Day 1 May 8 May Whitsuntide Whit Monday 15 August 1 November 11 November 25 December

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FAQs of Aquarium De Paris

Do I need to buy tickets to visit the Paris Aquarium?

Yes, admission requires the purchase of Paris Aquarium tickets. There are, however, price reductions available for youngsters.

Can I purchase my Paris Aquarium tickets online?

Yes, Paris Aquarium tickets can be purchased online. In fact, doing so is encouraged so that you can reserve your preferred appointment time.

Should I book my Paris Aquarium tickets in advance?

Yes, it is recommended that you purchase your Paris Aquarium tickets in advance to ensure a pleasant and secure visit.

What are the opening hours of the Paris Aquarium?

You can visit the Paris Aquarium each day of the week between 10 AM and 7 PM, but make sure you are carrying the Paris Aquarium tickets with you.

Where is the Paris Aquarium located?

At 5 Avenues Albert den Mun at the Trocadero Gardens is where you'll find the aquarium of Paris.

What are the things to see at the Paris Aquarium?

Over 13,000 aquatic animals are housed in 50 exhibit tanks for your viewing pleasure. There are about 3 million liters of water in a basin that is home to 35 sharks and over 10,000 fish and invertebrates. Additionally, you may enjoy a delightful petting pond and live feeding demonstrations. There are multiple opportunities each day to watch an expert animator speak about the fish in the various tanks, as well as the opportunity to observe the sharks being fed, and visitors can assist aquarium employees in treating the fish in the touch pool. Additionally, there are times when visitors can see aquarium workers cleaning and feeding the fish in the larger tanks by diving into the water. Also with Aquarium de Paris tickets, in a theater within the aquarium you can watch films about marine life and animation shown at various times throughout the day.

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