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Museums, catacombs, cathedrals and the world renowned Eiffel Tower make up Paris’ top attractions. Our attraction tickets promise you a tour of the best and the grandest of the French capital. The best way to spend one’s day in this romantic city is to book the skip the line Paris pass for the Eiffel Tower. Located in the center of the city, Eiffel Tower is the fourth-most visited monument in the world, with nearly 7 million tourists annually. The Sainte Chapelle, on the other hand, is a wonder of architecture. The truly outstanding stained glass windows are the centerpiece of this gorgeous Gothic-inspired building. One can also add an excursion to Mont Saint Michel to their Paris City Pass to explore beyond just the French capital: known as the “Wonder of the West '', his Gothic cathedral is a remarkable piece of architecture nestled on a French islet.

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France is a nation renowned for its extensive cultural legacy and intriguing past. It should thus not surprise one that it is home to some of the best museums in the whole world, each with a distinctive theme and historical setting. Get a ‘skip the line’ ticket to the Louvre, one of the largest museums in the world. Home to one of the most comprehensive collections of art, the Louvre Museum is one of the most visited attractions on a Paris pass. Amazing impressionist and post-impressionist artworks may be seen in the Orangerie Museum, but the famous Water Lilies set of paintings by Claude Monet is the biggest attraction here. Click pictures with your favorite celebrities at the famous Grevin Museum, known for its look-like wax sculptures collection.

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If you are looking for a day out with the family in Paris, then add some theme parks in your Paris pass. Theme parks are the place to go for fast thrills whether you're with family or pals. A must have on one’s Paris attraction tickets, Disneyland Paris stands out from the crowd of historic sites that populate the city. There is a lot in store, including captivating live performances, fascinating themed eateries, and exhilarating roller coasters at this family-friendly theme park. The Parc Asterix takes one on a trip down memory lane; the rides and exhibitions at the park, which is among the top 3 largest theme parks in France, are inspired by a variety of historical cultures, including Ancient Greece and Egypt as well as the Gallic and Roman cultures shown in comic books.

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Why You Should Visit Paris?

With its unparalleled atmosphere and many thrills, Paris, the City of Light, draws millions of visitors each year. The city's allure is enhanced by its mouthwatering food and vast art collections. The Seine flows through the city and is surrounded by grand museums, centuries-old cathedrals, and squares with Rococo and Neoclassical designs. These structures are all complimented by swaying trees and bright street lighting.

Paris is a sophisticated and diversified city that is popular with luxury travelers but equally accessible to those on a budget. Paris boasts several more stunning sites and monuments in addition to the Eiffel Tower, which enhance the attractiveness of the wide boulevards and their lovely cafés. The gastronomy in Paris is undoubtedly one of the finest attractions. Foodies from all over the world flock to France simply for the food since French cuisine has established itself as one of the top cuisines in the world.

Moreover, Paris offers a wide variety of shopping options for tourists who wish to pamper themselves, with an overpowering feeling of historic culture blended with sleek technology. Paris has it all, whether you want to buy some great keepsakes or famous high-end goods to browse through. Avenue des Champs-Élysées is the most well-known shopping street in Paris. This broad street is approximately two kilometers long and is lined with cafes, eateries, theaters, and of course, stores.

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  • Weather: The general climate is pleasant and fairly moist throughout the year. With average daily highs between 15 and 25 degrees and a decent quantity of sunlight, summer days are often warm and pleasant. Although unpredictable and fluctuating, spring and fall often enjoy pleasant days and cool evenings. Both seasons regularly have unexpectedly warm or chilly weather. In the winter, there is little sunshine; the days are frequently warm, and the nights are often chilly but above freezing, with lows about 3 degrees.

  • Language: French

  • Time zone: Central European Time (UCT+2)

  • Budget: A one week trip to Paris for two people will cost around 2570 Euros.

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

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